Demonic Advisory Centre #1

Demonic Advisory Centre #1 is a 26-page (digital version) standard size, full color comic written by Stu Perrins with art by Diana Marques. Published by WP Comics, Ltd.

In the not so distant future the fabric of space splits open on earth releasing the inhabitants of hell and setting off the Flesh Wars! From this cataclysmic event one man emerges as a hero and establishes a team to save the world…then fails. Sometime later the family funding the team wants answers and changes. What follows is an introduction to the members making up the Demonic Advisory Centre: a monkey boy; a time traveler; and a drunkard thief!

This is an introduction to the series, so most of the writing is devoted to establishing the setting and character backgrounds. The overall plot is explained and provides enough detail to stir the curiosity, but not too much to give away what’s in store for the Demonic Advisory Centre. The art is made up of simple line work with varying weights and digital painting relying on contrasting colors to provide form and depth. The combination works well and gives the comic a unique look that’s effective. Plenty of potential here for this story to go wherever the writer and artist team want to take their demon fighting team as this tale unfolds!

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