The Hitch-Hiker #1

The Hitch-Hiker #1 is a 26-page (digital version), standard size, full color comic written by Aaron Kennedy, illustrated by Diana Marques, cover by Diana Marques and Mark Fluharty, edited by Mark Fluharty, art direction by Wayne Hill, and managing director Mark Fluharty. Published by WP Comics, Ltd

A writer’s ideas materialize in a strange world that he can visit for short time periods. In this, the world of Bibloians, the writer hitches a ride with a squat little cigar smoking idea that has materialized into a physical being named Pib. Pib takes the hitch hiker on a conveyor belt tour through a strange city where others like Pib eat flowers, watch antenna arrays, and enjoy their sports. Unfortunately the hitch hiking writer offends the Bibloians through his lack of understanding their culture and puts Pib and himself in a very precarious situation!

The story moves along at a quick pace as the characters and reader explore this strange world while learning more about it and its occupants. The art is very stylized, which fits perfectly with the imaginary origin of the characters and locations that, according to the story, emerged from the hitch hiker’s thoughts. The cartoonish look of the characters and the palette of mostly cool colors also contribute to the comic’s overall fantastical feeling. You can tag along for the ride in the pages of Hitch-Hiker #1 at and

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