Tales from Orbit #1

Tales from Orbit #1 http://bit.ly/2cyeMbV is a 72-page, full color, ADULT Sci-Fi & Fantasy anthology comic published by WP Comics

This hefty anthology is a great collection of unique, well written, and brilliantly illustrated science fiction and fantasy tales! Here’s a rundown of what’s inside: 

Astral Crusaders: The Standard Bearer, written by Paul Bradford, art by William Alian Keyes, and colors and lettering by Erik Korsgaard. In this, the leading piece in Tales from Orbit #1, a small group of crusaders conduct a scouting operation on an alien planet and when they find the locals not overly accepting of their presence, the Standard Bearer must do whatever it takes to return the Standard to the mother ship! This story is written with plenty of action and rendered with a lot of detail that is exquisitely colored! 

Convention of the Gods, written by Jack Wallace, illustrated by Gabe Ostley, and colors and lettering by Chris Allen. After a few billion years the gods come together at a convention to present planets they’ve created to a panel of judges and explain how things have worked out on those planets. Each god gets to talk a little about their triumphs and failures, and then it’s time to hear from earth’s god! This is an amusing take on creation and the whole Supreme Being thing. The art is clean and cartoony with solid colors and bold lines all wrapped around sacrilegious fun!  

Copy, written by Jorge Santos and art by Gabriela Torres. A parent with limited time finds a – very unique – way to spend more time with his daughter. This is a clever story with what appears to be watercolor painted art. Very striking! 

Dark Matter, written by Carlos Silva and art by Tiago de Carvalho. A team of scientists explore space in search of dark matter, but only finds a hostile life form that wants to kill all humans! What chance does the team have? Could dark matter itself be the answer? 

Equal, by M.C. Carper. The singularity has occurred and robots demand equality! What follows is a fight between the machines and humanity, each struggling to gain the upper hand, but what will finally be revealed once one side prevails?! 

Hunters, by Nathan Walkington. Here’s a short, silent piece with engaging art that takes us back to the dawn of the hunter-gather days…and shows us the advantages of technology! 

I Honor You, written by Malcolm McLeod, pencils by Ben Malachowski, inks by Clutch Powers, colors by Marco Pelandra, and lettering by Nikki Sherman. A vengeful ghost taunts a loved one into honoring her memory by killing the one that took her life, but that’s not enough to satisfy this ghost’s lust for revenge! 

Night Sky, written by Daniel Horowitz and art by Estrela Lourenco. While many people riot, others gather on a hill top and watch the night sky in anticipation of a life changing event in this hauntingly illustrated story! 

Parallel Universes, written by Joana Varanda, art by Pedro Mendes, and colors by Nimesh Morarji. A parallel universe traversing force collects the same woman from multiple universes in hopes of ultimately changing humanity! 

Captain Yeah! In Dark Vibes, by Andrew Pawley. When everything comes to a freezing halt Captain Yeah! decides to take a look under the hood of Father-Time Module. What he finds is something dark…and threatening! This spaced-out tale features some groovy psychedelic art to go along with its weirdo freaky vibe! 

Star K’rrot – The Path of Carrots, written by Tiago Cruz with art by Ines Garcia. A tiny group of space explores, looking for a rare but desperately needed resource, land on a planet of giants. There they must endure the indignities of the local inhabitants if they wish to possess the object of their desire! 

Telescope, by James Johnson. A sky gazing voyeur, his talking and fez wearing dog, and a stowaway blast off in this vibrantly colored and handsomely inked comic tale of lust, longing, and lunacy! 

Where’s Probey? Horrifying Alien Abduction Edition, by Johnson/Aveiro. Closing out this behemoth of a Sci-Fi/Fantasy anthology is this fun, single page, hidden object illustration full of aliens, animals, and an assortment of odds and ends! 

Get your Sci-Fi and Fantasy fix with Tales from Orbit #1 at http://bit.ly/2cyeMbV and find more at http://bit.ly/2d5djhL

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