Ultra Minion

Ultra Minion http://bit.ly/2do7cRy is a 42-page, B&W, silent comic written by Lukasz Kowalczuk and illustrated by Macie J Czapiewski. Published by WP Comics

In a bleak, industrial setting where powerful and feared overlords rule over lesser beings, an unassuming slave accidentally undergoes a physical transformation that empowers him to lead a slave revolution. Soon the ruled take up arms against the rulers as the artificial class structure collapses and the real power behind the scenes is revealed! 

This being a silent comic, there’s not much “writing” to comment on. Instead it’s the scripting and layout that really tells the story. Without the use of dialogue, the exchange of information between characters is made clear through facial expressions, body language, and visual effects. The fact that the story is so easy to follow in the absence of a written narrative is a testament to how well this comic is designed. The arrangement of scenes and natural flow of action moves the story along without any ambiguity. The exceptional art solidifies the storytelling with highly detailed characters, backgrounds, interiors, and exteriors. There are also several really well done crowd scenes! And all of this is expertly rendered in gray tones and deep black shadows. Because this is a silent comic you can indulge in the terrific imagery from cover to cover without any distractions! 

Join Ultra Minion in the revolt at http://bit.ly/2do7cRy and find more at http://bit.ly/2cNuItZ

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/2do77O2

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