Charge #2

Charge #2 is a 46-page, full color comic written and produced by Dan Jury and Chris Jury with pencils and inks by Adhitya Zulkarnaen, colors by Pamela Siega, lettering by Michael Lagace, and cover art by Jordan J. Nering. Published by Alterna Comics

In this issue of Charge we return to 1975 and the remote mountaintop energy research facility. Unexpectedly a corporate security team has just appeared with weapons drawn. These strangers explain they have traveled from the future and are there to protect the facility as they assume control and prepare for an impending war! What’s behind all of this? Who are the warring factions? And is there a traitor in the facility? 

The writing in Charge is smart and delves not only into time travel and science, but also into human relationships, personalities, and group dynamics. The overall story is a building mystery that effectively ties action from two different time periods together without leaving the reader scratching their head. The art is clean and at times sparse, accentuating the feeling of isolation that envelopes the remote research facility! 

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