Indie Comics #3

Indie Comics #3 is a 48-page, Mature Themes, B&W anthology with full color covers, featuring the works of Gary Scott Beatty, Rick Bonn, Terry Cronin, and Paul Bradford. Published by Aazurn Publishing

Starting us off is Rick Bonn’s ROHRR! Chapter 3: Perchance to Dream. This one is illustrated by Christopher Herndon and lettered by Dave Lanphear and this chapter gives us a glimpse of primitive man’s view of his world and his dreams to harness that which he covets but doesn’t understand! 

Then Gary Scott Beatty takes us To Hell! In this one a trench coat wearing sleuth uses magic and severed heads to figure out why zombies are overrunning the earth! 

Next it’s the conclusion of Terry Cronin’s The Flame of Faith: The Incubus, with art by Julia Lichty and lettering by Gary Scott Beatty. In the preceding part of this story last issue an unfortunate man fell victim to a vampire and ended up with strange, large growths covering his body. Now this same man is being tended to by a doctor who discovers something much unexpected residing in the growths…and it attracts some very unwelcome company! 

Following the odd ordeal in The Flame of Faith we’re taken to a different time in Gary Scott Beatty’s Accused, when witchcraft fueled the fears of puritans in Massachusetts! Then we descend into the darkness of Horde where Gary again gives us a fearful tale, this time of an American soldier that goes to great depths to find his fortune! The next piece is an old-fashioned gangster story written by Paul Bradford with art by Matt Olson. In this one a crime boss gathers his top underlings in 1922 to figure out who’s been stealing from him. What he finds is a Hostile Takeover! And finally in the last story brought to us by Gary Scott Beatty we ride along in a star ship destined to reach a distant planet and learn of the wisdom, patience, strength, bravery, skill, and hope of the Captain

Gary and Aazurn Publishing has put together another great collection of exciting, well written stories backed up by solid art! The tales in this issue of Indie Comics spans the genres of Stone Age, crime, science fiction, and horror. The art also covers a wide breadth of styles which includes the high detailed realism that is used by Matt Olson in Hostile Takeover to the sketchy grays of Christopher Herndon that really capture the primitive essence of the ROHRR! 

Check it all out for yourself in the pages of Indie Comics #3 which can be ordered in the October’s Previews catalog under Aazurn Publishing. Check out a quick preview at and visit Aazurn Publishing at

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