Charge #3

Charge #3 is a 77-page, full color Sci-Fi comic written and produced by Dan Jury and Chris Jury with pencils and inks by Adhitya Zulkarnaen, colors by Pamela Siega, lettering by Michael Lagace, and cover art by Jordan J. Nering. Published by Alterna Comics

The time jumping action of Charge carries on as two groups of future soldiers face off in in a 1970’s mountaintop energy research facility while a small group of civilian scientists find themselves caught in the middle. Are the soldiers all on the same side, or has some future event altered allegiances?! And what will come through the time portal next?! 

The story continues to explore the many twists and turns of distorting timelines with past events being remembered differently by different individuals. The Jury brothers also keep up the tension between the distinctive personalities as the group dynamics change and the characters must adjust to leadership struggles and new threats! The time travel theme works well as the central piece of the story by keeping the reader in one time while the characters appear from the future and through their interactions inconsistencies in the timeline are revealed. The art remains clean and simple with pale tones occasionally being broken by dramatic flashes of bright weapons fire and resulting blood splatter! 

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