Scavenger #2

Scavenger #2 is a 24-page (digital version) standard size, full color, Sci-Fi comic written by Kim Roberts and illustrated by Megan Huang. Published by Markosia

In this Sci-Fi fantasy tale featuring robots, alien creatures, and deception, the only son of a royal family living in a floating city above a desolate planet, and heir to the throne, leads a raiding party that kills an entire town on the planet. On the planet, and unknown to almost all, the rightful heir has been raised as a commoner and is just now learning of his true heritage…and the magical abilities that come with it as one son seeks to destroy the other! 

This continuing story of class struggles, technology, and magic pull the reader into a world of intrigue where secrets and sibling rivalries simmer below the surface and feed tensions that explode with violent consequences! Kim pens an entertaining tale of elite maneuvering and self-discovery in the pages of Scavenger, while artist Megan aptly illustrates the action with dynamic fight scenes, unique characters, and strange creatures! 

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