The Mad Parasite 5 of 5

The Mad Parasite 5 of 5 is a 16-page, sideways digest size, combo comic by Billy McKay and Ryan “Waldo” Homsley. 

It’s the Final Mad Parasite! Mad, the worm living in a truck driver’s head, takes his symbiotic host on one last journey. As the two walk, Mad shows his host abstract and wonderfully weird images. The truck driver narrates his responses to these images in a stream of poetic rhythms as he moves toward the final ride and end of this series. Give into the absurd and join The Mad Parasite for one last ride at or contact Billy at: 

billytherobot (at)
send him a note at: 
Billy McKay
P.O. Box 542N.
Olmsted, OH 44070

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at

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