Thirteen Shadows #1

Thirteen Shadows #1 is a 24-page, full color, hero/crime comic created by Devin Theobold and illustrated by Joseba Morales. Published by WP Comics

A mayor takes unprecedented action after a woman with superpowers arrives in his town and all but ends crime. To save money the mayor implements a series of cuts that have a direct effect on those in law enforcement, but one man’s not willing to let the new wave of law and order get in his way. Will super heroics keep the city safe, or will it only feed the evil that simmers in the shadows?! 

The art is polished and makes great use of perspective and page layout, and maintains consistency in character likenesses. The writing in this series starts off by taking a different angle on the superhero story. Rather than spending a lot of time on the hero, we are instead given the viewpoint of those in law enforcement impacted by the emergence of a super powered being in their jurisdiction. This unique perspective gives the comic a refreshingly different and interesting slant that could easily lead into thought-provoking territory! 

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