EVIL #3 http://bit.ly/2a0eaOF is a 28-page, standard size, full color comic written and illustrated by James Edward Clark

Just minutes before issue #3 the events in this issue of Evil unfold. Samson the Destroyer, coming from parts unknown, battles a fur covered, fang sporting lycanthrope moments before Satan himself enters the ring for the main event! While these supernatural happenings occur satanic assassins plot to kill a family tied to a 500 year old curse! Can Sampson defeat a werewolf and protect a cursed family from hell’s own dispatched killers?!

James Edward Clark does a great job of telling this story in a series of dynamic images and lively plot twists! The writing is solid and reads more like a movie rather than a comic. The integration of the text with the illustrations is flawless and keeps the action going from start to finish without missing beat. James even throws in a two-page commercial when the wrestling announcer breaks for a message from the sponsor, and it fits perfectly! The overall look of Evil even invokes an old-school wrestling tabloid feel with the extra little graininess, smudges, and grit James has added to the pages. I’m really impressed with the whole package here! Evil is a great comic with outstanding storytelling and art!

See more and give into Evil by contacting James Edward Clark at http://bit.ly/2a0eaOF or http://bit.ly/2abPbbY or http://bit.ly/2dEbwjk

 via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/2dn1XWM

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