Pneuma is a 24-page, standard size, full color comic written and illustrated by Daniel Locke. Published by Tinto Press and available through Birdcage Bottom Books

Four lives converge one morning at an eatery, each on its own trajectory with unknown joys and challenges ahead. In the pages of Pneuma Daniel reminds us that we often go through the motions of our lives without any real sense of what awaits beyond the here and now. Our daily routines become habitual, numbing us to the reality that life is a series of significant events waiting to embrace us with unexpected change. 

Daniel places more emphasis on the narrative of the story by providing intimate glimpses into each characters’ future. The story builds as we learn who these four people are and where their lives are taking them. The importance of the art is stressed less as Daniel renders the pages in a flat, simplified, comical manner that balances the absurd humor of life with the inescapable consequences of living one’s life. You can enjoy Pneuma for yourself at and find more at

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