Temple of the White Ape God

Temple of the White Ape God http://bit.ly/2aDb2Ii is a 10-page, full color mini comic written and illustrated by James Johnson. Published by WP Comics

In this colorful comic of magic and fantasy Egan, a warlock, and Olaf, a strong man, enter a temple occupied by apes. They fight their way to a main room where they encounter a damsel in distress at the feet of a giant ape statue! What surprises await in the temple? Who is the damsel? And what might the ape statue be hiding? The answers can be found in Temple of the White Ape God! 

You can get James Johnson’s sword and sandal mini through WP Comics at http://bit.ly/2aDb2Ii and find more from James at http://bit.ly/2fUfzuj

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/2fAdboP

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