Untitled Ape’s Epic Adventure

Untitled Ape’s Epic Adventure http://bit.ly/2fcippH is a 136-page, full color graphic novel written and illustrated by Steven Tillotson. Published by Avery Hill Publishing

In this surreal story of self-discovery and acceptance a grumpy cat meets a purple ape while trying to retrieve cigarettes that have fallen into a tree. The two quickly strike up a friendship and begin a journey to the jungle so the ape can reunite with his family. Along the way they rescue a dog, cause a marital rift between a narwhal couple, meet an ostracized mammoth, share a cave with a yeti, and visit a bird community in the clouds! The ape is plagued throughout the trek with unpleasant memories and secrets he chooses not to reveal to the cat, but all becomes known as the ape’s past eventually catches up to the pair! Steven Tillotson lays out an adventurous tale full of unexpected and inventive twists and turns that propel the main characters into unanticipated situations and perils. The art is simple and cartoony, even somewhat crude at times, but uniquely fitting for the story being told. However some of the imagery is more fleshed out and detailed, in particular some wildlife scenes and one very frightened, hat wearing bird! 

You can travel on this bizarre journey with ape and cat at http://bit.ly/2fcippH and find more at http://bit.ly/2eB7dXu

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/2fcgOQB

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