Charge #4

Charge #4 is a 56-page, full color Sci-Fi comic written and produced by Dan Jury and Chris Jury with pencils and inks by Adhitya Zulkarnaen, colors by Pamela Siega, lettering by Michael Lagace, and cover art by Jordan J. Nering. Published by Alterna Comics

Following a violent standoff between two groups of time traveling corporate soldiers, issue 4 of this Sci-Fi saga jumps into the future and lands in Tokyo in the year 2035. There the situation goes south quickly and new characters enter the portal and travel back to the ‘70s hilltop research facility. Back in the ‘70s the travelers from the future reveal more details about how things reached the critical point they are presently at, but those details only raise more questions as the facility’s occupants prepare for battle! 

The story and art continue driving the action forward while spinning an intricate web of intrigue and exploring fascinating scientific theories of time travel! Jump through the portal yourself with Charge at and find more from Alterna Comics at

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