ZED #1

ZED #1 http://bit.ly/2gkF32X is a 28-page, standard size, B&W comic written by Caleb Thusat and illustrated by Katrina Kunstmann. Published by Village Comics

A zombie named Zed and his mortician sidekick voyage out into the apocalyptic wasteland in search of the man that turned Zed into the self-aware zombie that he is. Along the way the two encounter and fight non-infected that want to destroy Zed. Luckily Zed’s mortician friend carries a collection of spare body parts so he can make needed repairs when Zed is injured and maimed! 

I really enjoy the premise behind ZED. It’s an original take on the zombie story that makes the zombie out to be the hero. The inclusion of a mortician tagging along is a great addition that makes a lot of sense and makes for interesting side stories as the two confront different situations. The main storyline of Zed trying to find the guy that made him the way he is sets up this comic for numerous future adventures that can go in all sorts of directions. Caleb Thusat has put together an entertaining zombie story that takes the genre in a different and refreshing direction! 

You can join ZED on his un-dead journey at http://bit.ly/2gkF32X and find more at http://bit.ly/2fICVi0

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/2gkyVrL

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