Delineate is a 40-page, full color, sideways digest size comic written and illustrated by Lonnie MF Allen. Published by Tinto Press

This is a collection of mostly single page, unrelated, autobiographical and introspective vignettes often about relationships. The majority of the pages consist of two panels and within that limited space Lonnie manages to squeeze in complete narratives and art that stand on their own without the need of more space or description. It’s that succinctness of Lonnie’s pages that make Delineate such an interesting comic. I had to read through it a couple of times to really appreciate how much story he was able to fit into so few panels. Rather than loading the pages with extraneous details, Lonnie goes right for the crux of the matter and presents it in as few words as necessary and along with finished, rough art and sparse colors that tell the stories superbly! 

Delineate is a nice change of pace in a world of comics that all seem to follow a familiar cookie cutter pattern. Lonnie dares to do something different and succeeds by following his own path! You can follow your path to Delineate at and see more from Lonnie MF Allen at and and

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