Tales From Orbit #2

Tales From Orbit #2 http://bit.ly/2fjJV5d is an 84-page, standard size, color comic anthology featuring the works of Alexandar Altman, Victor Frazao, MichaelGordon, Rusty Gilligan, Paz Y Vadala, Tue Sorensen, Mateo Garcia, Nathan Walkington, Marta Tanrikulu, Machison/Carper, Jack Wallace, and James Johnson. Published by WP Comics

In The Switch, by Alexandar Altman, Cheuk Po, Kane Gallagher, and Cristian Docolomansky, a sly criminal with a history of beating the charges against him plots one more heist with an airtight alibi, but this time there’s a bump in the road! 

The Good Son, by Victor Frazao and Patrik Caetano, tells the tale of an aging man stricken with cancer and seeking relief at the end of his life in the arms of an ancient and mystical tree! 

Travel back in time with Victorious Haze in One for the Road, by Michael Gordon, Estanislao Marugo, and Fernando Maiaru, as a stranger with a curious generosity streak wanders into town and starts asking uncomfortable questions about a series of gruesome murders! 

Rusty Gilligan’s “The Symbol” makes an amazing discovery in What Heroes Dream Nightmare, by Rusty Gilligan, Martinho Duarte Abreu, and Nikki Sherman. As The Symbol battles bad guys during WWII, he inadvertently stumbles onto a truth that he couldn’t have seen coming! 

Then, in Contact, by Julio Paz y Vadala, Cesar Eduardo, and Chris Allen, spin a short yarn about two very different perspectives on contacting aliens! 

In Sisters in the Mist, by Tue Sorensen, Solo, and Nikki Sherman, a champion fighter stands her ground as pirate hunters attempt to apprehend accused weapons thieves! 

Mateo Garcia and Jeferson Sadzinski take us to an alien world in Lost Boys. There a geological recon team find more than precious minerals as they explore the strange, new world and encounter a hostile presence that doesn’t take too kindly to their kind! 

Next, in the short story Intruders by Nathan Walkington, a couple of pioneers venture into the forest looking for a young native girl, but find something much more ominous waiting in the shadows! 

In Across the Void, by Marta Tanrikulu, Delfine Siobhan Kanashii, Kevin Enhart, E.T. Dollman, a group of spacefaring colonists travel to Alpha Centauri in hopes of finding a new home for humanity, but discover something much unexpected! 

Continuing the extraterrestrial theme, Machison and M.C. Carper give us Signus. An appropriately silent story about two astronauts on the moon that find something that seems very out of place! 

In Mind Games by Jack Wallace, Gio Scalvado, and Chris Allen two girls slip into a world of virtual reality where they battle creatures to the death in front of a cheering crowd filling the seats of an arena! 

Marta Tanrikulu, Pramit Santra, Sara Machajewski, and E.T. Dollman take us to Lost Property at a bar in an asteroid belt where all sorts of people come in looking for and finding lost things! 

Finally in The Astronaut James Johnson delivers a short tale of an alien encounter that doesn’t go so great! 

This large anthology is filled with a multitude of art styles and stories all tightly rooted in the Sci-Fi and fantasy genres. You can get your Tales from Orbit #2 at http://bit.ly/2fjJV5d and find more at http://bit.ly/2d5djhL

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/2fjIbZt

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