1976 New Rose

For Mini-Comic Monday it’s…1976 New Rose http://bit.ly/2hoMUL8 is a 20-page, full color, silent mini-comic created by D. White with pinups by Mizna Wada and Sas. 

This is a polished comic with great, trippy art! Since it’s silent the story is open to interpretation, so you might not read it the same as I did, but to me this is a comic about love gone bad. The symbolism throughout evokes loss and suffering, and the climatic end ties in nicely with the title and at least for me confirms my interpretation! You can check out D. White’s amazing art at http://bit.ly/2hoMUL8 and find more at https://twitter.com/birdsinboxes and http://bit.ly/2gDnlax

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/2hoKIDn

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