The Adventures of Galaxy Girl in Outer Space #1

The Adventures of Galaxy Girl in Outer Space #1 (Basic Edition, 26-pages & Deluxe Edition, 101-pages) are full color, Sci-Fi actions comics written by Andrew Taylor with art and lettering by Andrew Taylor, Catia Fantini, Sid Quade, and Gabe Ostley. 

Both the Basic and Deluxe Editions contain four chapters: “The Pilot” in which we are introduced to the main characters and Galaxy Girl’s adventure begins, along with her new human tag-along – Norman! Then we move to another world in “Downtime” where Galaxy Girl and Norman engage in a little laser play! Next in “Refueling” Norman learns some important lessons about alien wildlife and alien medicine! Finally in “An Issue of National Security (In Outer Space)” Galaxy Girl and Norman go up against space faring agents from Homeland Security! 

In the Deluxe Edition you get all of the above plus the bonus story “Senseless Violence, ” penciled pages, concept sketches, notes, logo designs, scripts, and creative team bios! That’s 68 more pages of stuff! 

The writing here is fast paced, action packed, and fun! There’s no lulls in the momentum as Galaxy Girl pulls her human plaything into one life threatening situation after another! New characters and settings are woven into the story thread easily, making the transition from chapter to chapter feel natural and consistent with the overall story arc. The art is rendered by several different artists and their individual styles are apparent. Each artist approaches their story as if it’s a standalone piece. Character likenesses are vaguely maintained from story to story, so there is no confusion as to who’s who. Within each story the art styles are uniquely that of the artist! I personally enjoy this approach. Seeing each artists’ interpretation of the characters is really entertaining and makes for what I think is more visually pleasing comic! 

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