Phaeton Proterra #1

Phaeton Proterra #1 is a 30-page, full color, standard size Sci-Fi fantasy comic written and illustrated by Maria Lansuta. Published by WP Comics

In a distant future humans have harnessed the ability to travel instantaneously across the galaxy. In this advanced age the means by which they travel must be protected and it is, by a unit known as Mercury. As this story begins we are introduced to the members of Mercury and witness their encounter with a formidable foe! 

Maria writes this issue in such a way as to explain the futuristic setting, introduce the main characters, and introduce a crisis that gets the action moving! The story moves along at a fast pace as relationships are revealed and dangers are forecast! The art in Phaeton Proterra #1 is highly detailed, polished, and superbly colored! Character likenesses are consistently maintained along with dynamic muscularity, all depicted in a vivid world full of glittering and elaborate technology! 

You can make a future jump across the galaxy with Phaeton Proterra #1 at and find more from WP Comics at

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