Eagleburger http://bit.ly/2gU0ox2 is a 129-page, B&W comic written by Rudy Dean and Jef Stout, and illustrated by Gabe Ostley. Published by WP Comics

Dale Eagleburger was a bright, successful young man. He was a good boy and made his parents proud. When opportunity knocked Dale Eagleburger answered the door enthusiastically and found himself knee deep in government bureaucracies, conspiracies, aliens, demons, Elvis, JFK, and even the electric chair! Shadow governments, secret societies, and worm holes created by actual worms all await the adventurous in Eagleburger! 

I really dig the cartoony style used to illustrate this comic. The exaggerated and rubbery looking characters combined with the simplified backgrounds and solid colors gives the story an appealingly absurd quality that works great! The writing maintains a fixed focus through numerous twists and turns that take this story just about everywhere it could possibly go! Rather than just plunging into nonsense for nonsense sake, there’s a thought out story here that’s well written and somehow manages to pull together a bunch of disparate elements to form one wacky and fun comic! 

You can find the truth for yourself in the pages of Eagleburger at http://bit.ly/2gU0ox2

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/2fNSau0

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