The Simple Art of Murder #1

The Simple Art of Murder #1 is a 30-page, B&W, standard size comic with spot color. Written by Marcos Dominguez Garcia, artwork by Horacio Boriotti, and scripting by Henar Casal. Published by WP Comics

Phillip Conan is a hard-nosed private investigator that likes to drink and smoke. After taking on a new case that involves surveilling a cheating spouse he finds himself witness to more than he expected! This hard-boiled crime story unfolds with the main character reflecting on the past couple of days to explain how he ended up in his current situation. It’s a mystery that he and the reader unravel together as the seedy streets give up their secrets and the underbelly of the city reveals itself in all of its sordid sinfulness! 

This comic stays faithful to the crime genre, complete with references to Bogie, smoky bars, and backgrounds featuring Brando and Monroe! The writing reads like a ‘40s era noir film but set in modern times. The art establishes a gloomy and believable mood by using heavy shadows and deep pools of black filled by detailed illustrations in the white space, and very effective use of spot color! 

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