The Adventures of Little Petalianne

Two for Tuesday…The Adventures of Little Petalianne and Volume one is 28-pages & the second book, Oojuboogoo, is 43-pages. Both books are full color, children’s story written by Luanga “Lue” Nuwame, illustrated by Dan Hammond, and with colors by Mary Jane Works. Published by Zelpha Comics

This is a continuing, bi-monthly children’s series involving five Petal Girls that work together, each using their unique ability to keep the Magniflora Gully beautiful, peaceful, and safe under the watchful eye of Queen Azura. Assisting the queen are three Tree Boys, also with exceptional abilities of their own. In the first book we’re introduced to the characters and learn a little about each of their abilities. In the second book two of the Petal Girls are sent on a mission to collect something special for Queen Azura, but another warns them of the dangers that may lurk in the shadows! 

The writing in The Adventures of Little Petalianne is lighthearted and fun with a little mystery and suspense thrown in to keep the reader’s anticipation piqued. The art in both books is whimsical and brightly colored, and perfectly complements the story! You can find the first book at and the second at and you can find more at and

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