Chronicles of Terror #4 (Santa’s Twisted Tales)

Chronicles of Terror #4 (Santa’s Twisted Tales) is an 80-page, full color, Christmas horror anthology featuring various writers and artists. Published by WP Comics.

In this holiday themed collection of creepy comics we’re treated to a bunch of scary stories by a bunch of talented folks! Here’s a brief overview:

In “Snowvenge” (Kim Roberts and Haraldo) the honor among thieves doesn’t run too deep as one bank robber learns following a successful heist. Unfortunately for the other bank robber vengeance does run deep…and it comes in the terrifying visage of a blood soaked snowman!

Ever heard of the Anti-Santa? Well in a place known as “The Never” (Eric Gahagan, Pietro Vaughan, & Nikki Sherman) you can meet him, but be warned – he’s not the “giving” type!

Some of Santa’s problems never cross our minds. For instance did you know Santa really has his hands full trying to keep his reindeer from misbehaving? In “Reindeer Oh Deer – Oh Dear” (Paul Bradford and Allen Byrns) Santa’s beasts of burden not only put him behind schedule, but also help him deliver a frightful surprise!

“A Christmas Carol” (Gabe Ostley and Chris Allen) gets an updated makeover with the approval of Chucky “li’l” Dickens as Death and Scrooge McCluck take a little trip to hell and battle it out with Satan, Cthulhu, and other demons!

Good children get rewarded and bad children, well bad children meet “The Ancestors” (Hunter Eden, MC Carper, Chris Allen, and James Johnson) in this tale about beastly traditions from the old country!

In “The Book of Eden Z” (Christopher Greulich and Daniel Kuntz) even the ghosts of an old abandoned house look forward to a Christmas treat!

An unscrupulous toy maker decides stealing is the best way to gain the upper hand on his competitors in “Bad Santa” (Kim Roberts, Chris Allen, & Braden Hallett), but he gets more than he bargained for!

One unsuspecting family gets a lot more than the Christmas Spirit and scent of pine from their freshly cut tree in “Unwanted Gifts” (James Johnson)!

A neglected little girl living with her mom and stepdad gets a surprise visit on “Christmas Eve” (Jo Jo King, Alister Lee, & Nikki Sherman) that’ll change her life!

Then we get to meet the “Creator of the Month” in an interview featuring Jack Wallace of Disposable Fiction Comics, and get a preview of their upcoming comic “The 512th Day of Christmas!”

This anthology is filled with entertainingly eerie tales! Each taking the theme to new heights and in directions you’re not likely to find anywhere else! That alone make this a fun read, but the art really seals the deal for me. The different creative teams work great together! The artists’ interpretations bring these stories to life! A few panels just jump out with such strong images they’re hard to forget! If you like your yuletide a little on the darker side, get Chronicles of Terror #4 (Santa’s Twisted Tales) at and find more at and

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