You Don’t Get There From Here #’s 39 & 40

You Don’t Get There From Here #’s 39 & 40 are 32-pages (each), B&W, daily slice of life mini comics written and illustrated by Carrie McNinch. 

In issues #39 & #40 Carrie recounts events from August 29th, 2015 thru November 1st, 2015 (issue #39) and November 2nd, 2016 thru January 16th, 2016 (issue #40). Across both issues Carrie illustrates the events of her life as they unfold daily. Those events include the impending death of and finally the loss of her father, her mom dealing with life without her father, the onset of Fall weather, babysitting, cuddling and caring for her cats, making comics, going to Disney Land repeatedly, dealing with the drought and heat, acupuncture, self-imposed seclusion, anxiety, watching Nextflix, visiting Oaxaca, Mexico, and adapting to life without her father. 

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