Apricot O’Toon #1

Apricot O’Toon #1 is a 16-page, B&W, digest size, humor comic written and illustrated by Brian Buniak. 

Apricot O’Toon is an attractive professional background/filler/supporting character in comics with many appearances in a variety of publications. Her aspiration is to one day become a cartoon mega-star! In this, her debut digest size comic, Apricot puts up with writer/illustrator Brian’s frustrating anal retentiveness, goes to the beach with her friend Babette Quark, gets a visit from Joe Tater, has a volatile hair experience, and more! 

Brian is an accomplished artists with publishing credits across a wide breadth of publications including MAD Magazine, Cracked Magazine, DC Comics, Dark Horse, and many others. Brian explains he originally published Apricot O’Toon in mini-comic format but always thought she would look better at the digest comic size, so here she is in all her digest glory…lucky us! 

Brian infuses amazing art full of liveliness with mature humor that doesn’t miss a beat! Apricot and all supporting characters take on eventful lives of their own as Brian moves them from one hilarious situation to the next. The pacing of the stories and the composition of the pages are spot on, and the artwork, well as I said, it is absolutely amazing! Really, this is great stuff! 

You can get Apricot O’Toon #1 for $2.00 plus 2 First Class stamps! Just send ‘em to: 

Brian Buniak 
PO Box 5863 
Clark, NJ 07066 

p.s. Brian has two issues of Apricot O’Toon available right now. I’ll be posting about issue #2 soon, and yes, it is just as good as issue #1! If you want to order issue #2 just let Brian know and send an extra $2 and 2 more stamps to cover everything!

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/2jmN31Y

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