Jeb Clucker’s 100 Acres of Hen

Jeb Clucker’s 100 Acres of Hen is a 12-page, full color, Hen Horror/Humor mini-comic written by Kim Roberts, illustrated by Gabe Ostley, and with colors & letters by Chris Allen. Published by WP Comics

This mini-comic is a spinoff based on a horror film character from the upcoming 100 Acres of Hell In this comic spinoff fowls run afoul of a reclusive, bone-hooded, axe wielding maniac deep in the woods. The feathered flock are on their way to take part in a church outing when a wrong turn leads them deep into the backwoods. Scared by the inbred locals hanging out at a gas station, the congregation decides to take their chances in Mr. Clucker’s woods! What they find waiting for them will pluck your feathers! 

Spread your wings and take flight with the comically drawn chicken scratch of terror in Jeb Clucker’s 100 Acres of Hen at

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