The Wicked Righteous #1

The Wicked Righteous #1 is a 28-page, full color, action/adventure post-apocalyptic comic. Created and written by Terry Mayo, with pencils and ink by Lucas Romero, colors by Christopher Hall, and lettering by Brandon DeStefano. Published by Alterna Comics

In a world where biological warfare has decimated the earth’s population, leaving two distinct groups of survivors in its wake, four teenage brothers (Johnny, Matt, Lucas, & Mark) struggle to survive while trying to live as their father taught them. But can they save the innocent victims of this wrecked world while enduring the brutal onslaught of a psychopathic gang?! 

It’s non-stop action as this issue introduces the main characters and setting while spending a little more time on Lucas, one of the brothers sent on a scavenging mission. Through the character Lucas we get to see what the world has become and how humanity has splintered into armed groups primarily interested in survival. The characters are written and drawn as real people, no over the top or unbelievable beings. Everyone is on equal footing and the side with the most firepower is likely to prevail. Twisted within this desperate existence there’s also a side story wound around the brothers, exploring their relationships as they learn to adjust to this new life and each other! 

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