The Adventures of Tad Martin # Sick Sick Six

The Adventures of Tad Martin # Sick Sick Six is a 66-page, B&W auto-bio comic written and illustrated by Casanova Frankenstein. Published by Teenage Dinosaur and Profanity Hill

Tad Martin is a guy that finds himself bouncing from one nowhere job to the next while trying to provide for himself and his mentally unstable and irrational wife. Tad’s ever present anxiety overwhelms his daily life as he conjures up all sorts of scenarios in which his wife indulges in unsafe activities and unfaithfulness, ultimately leading to combative confrontations that neither he nor she is emotionally prepared for. 

Wow! Cass puts his distinctive stamp on the auto-bio comic genre and knocks it outta the ballpark! He merges so many different styles of art and lettering throughout this comic that it really takes on the feeling of a diary being written and illustrated by someone slowly sinking into the recesses of depression brought on by an inescapable and stifling relationship. You can’t help but feel for Tad and hope he can find his way out and maybe even a little happiness somewhere beyond the gloom. The storytelling and art is raw and unapologetic. They possess a truth that’s not looking for sympathy or even understanding, just to be heard and accepted as is and for what it is…and what it is, is AWESOME! 

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