Junior Class Drawings

Junior Class Drawings http://bit.ly/2k35HNq a 24-page, B&W, portrait collection, minicomic illustrated by Michael Neno. 

This is an interesting collection of pen and ink drawings that Michael has assembled. On the inside front cover Michael explains he found an old yearbook at an antique store and that is where these images of strangers staring out from the page come from. Based on the clothing and hair styles I’d say the yearbook must have been from the 1950s. Each page features a single portrait representing a likeness Michael has rendered in bold pools, hatching, and solid outlines of black ink. 

Visit http://bit.ly/2k35HNq to find this and much more of Michael Neno’s art!

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/2jgeHlb

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