Realm #8 (best of Everyman Comics)

Realm #8 (best of Everyman Comics) is a 32-page, standard size, B&W comic anthology featuring works by Darrell Anderson, Artie Romero, Hunt Emerson, Al Sirois, Bob Conway, John Peterson, Kirk Kennedy, George Erling, Tom Bergen, and covers by Rick Berry. Published by Phantasy Press

The capable cast of creators in this anthology serves up an assortment of aliens and talking animals that romp through the funnies in old school comix style! Artie Stick and the Platinum Toad try to prevent a monster from outer space from taking over the planet! Calculus Cat argues with his TV! Cute little Boopers dance for dinner! Marvin the Melting Martian makes pancakes! A jazz cat stretches into a new gig! And Alan Rabbit meets Morty Mouse, the washed-up predecessor to Mickey! All this plus much more fill the eye-popping pages Realm #8! 

I really dig comix written and drawn in the old-school ‘60s & ‘70s underground style with copious drug use, counterculture activities, and detailed hatching with thick black lines…and Realm #8 offers all of that! The stories are a collection of silliness filled with funny and interesting characters thrown into outlandish situations, all expertly rendered by a very talented group of underground artists with an eye for the weird! You can experience the wild world of Realm #8 for yourself at

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