Why Your Life Sucks

Why Your Life Sucks http://bit.ly/2kWfyXY is a 12-page, digest size, B&W political comic with scripting by Marc Tucker and art by Kjartan Arnorsson. 

In this comic zine a young man ask Unca Capital why his life sucks so bad and Unca Capital lays down the uncomfortable truth about the pleasure/pain dichotomy that drives the wage slaves. In his revelation Unca Capital explains why Joe Public being miserable is a good thing for business. He goes on to detail how religion has played an important part in keeping the people from achieving true happiness throughout history and why it will continue to do so! 

Marc Tucker provides the inspiration for this comic according to Kjartan, who read Marc’s passage in an e-mail zine. Kjartan depicts the tale in neat, clean drawings that perfectly capture the sinister glee of the comfortably corrupt and the worrisome desperation of the common folk caught in their clutches! 

You can learn more about Why Your Life Sucks and find more from Kjartan, and support him, at http://bit.ly/2kWfyXY or drop him a note (or trade) at Kjartan Arnorsson * 1505 W. St. Mary’s Rd, 123 * Tucson, AZ 85745

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/2kc1mpn

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