The Collected Cases of Detective Skip Tobey Volume 1

The Collected Cases of Detective Skip Tobey Volume 1 is a 40-page, full size, B&W humor comic with full color cover written and illustrated by Andy Herd. 

Skip Tobey is a hard-nosed, no non-sense, detective with an eye for the obvious and a hunger for sandwiches. He makes an entrance through any window unluckily enough to be at about waist height, and he has a balding chief that really, really cares about him! In this collected volume Skip puts his detective skills up against seven hard-boiled cases! First he leaves the earth to solve the “Murder! On the International Space Station!” Then Skip must navigate the tricky paradox of time travel in “The Yesterday Murder of Tomorrow!” As the crime wave continues Skip finds himself in “The Shadow of the Cryptogods” and caught in “The Crimson Web Fallacy!” Next the chief puts Skip on the case of “The Deceptive Demise of Sir Remington-Smyth” and then “The Malignant Machinations of Manic Mambo!” Finally Skip finds himself up against an out of this world mystery in “The Scales of Justice!” 

Skip Tobey is a fun, well written, and expertly illustrated comic! I loved reading this and pouring over each highly detailed panel! Andy does an outstanding job to setting up the humor and delivering the punch in parodies full of word play. In between the cases Andy includes all sorts of spoofy ads, personals, and a bunch of other funny stuff that keeps the laughs coming from cover-to-cover! 

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