BUN Book 1

BUN Book 1 http://bit.ly/2kn2I1x is a 52-page, mostly B&W, fantasy online comic created by Brian Silveira and Lisa Nguyen. 

The story is self-described as “A boy. A girl. An unspeakable evil. A rabbit.” And I think that about sums it up, but what that vague description doesn’t tell you is what an amazing world Brian and Lisa have created in BUN! In this largely silent story we’re transported to a world rendered in lush detail and swallowed up by incredible, otherworldly landscapes and fantastic creatures! The “unspeakable evil” seems to always be just beneath the surface as the boy and girl (and rabbit) contend with the ripples in their realities caused by two worlds colliding. All of this is told in a series of events that skips from one time and place to another providing insight into the characters and their worlds. And it’s all rendered with exquisite line work, expert use of hatching and crosshatching, and brilliant page compositions! 

You can, and should, check out this neat comic for FREE online at http://bit.ly/2kn2I1x

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/2kWgZFw

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