SinEater #1

SinEater #1 is a 28-page, standard size, horror/adventure, B&W comic written by Jojo King, illustrated by Chase Dunham, and logo by Ken Reynolds. Published by Insane Comics

A young girl named Cassandra has the distinction of being her village’s resident sin eater! She is called upon when a local appears to be afflicted and in need of having the evil inside of them extracted. In this issue that’s exactly what Cassandra does, but after doing her duty she finds herself shunned by her fellow villagers and struggling to keep down the evil she has eaten! In the dark streets the one friend she can turn to is the old vagrant Nik. Like Cassandra he too is an outcast and regulated to living on the periphery of a society dominated by religious hypocrisy. After an unfortunate and demonically fueled event both Cassandra and Nik find themselves on the run! 

The story is interesting and unique! The characters are fully developed and clearly occupy their individual identities throughout the tale. The art is clean, simplified, and angular with a lot of chiaroscuro applied to great effect and creating a real sense of drama! 

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