Apricot O’Toon #2

Apricot O’Toon #2 is a 16-page, B&W, digest size, humor comic written and illustrated by Brian Buniak. 

Apricot O’Toon is back again strutting her stuff! In this issue Brian puts his leading lady in several uncomfortable situations she’d rather not be in, and almost all of them end up with Apricot being in some state of undress! But luckily in the end she finds romance on a deserted island. What could possibly go wrong?! 

Once again Brian’s talents as an artist and storyteller are on full display in this eye-popping issue! His polished art is so captivating I must have spent an hour studying the 16 pages that make up this comic. Such skill as Brian possesses is a rare find among indie comics and a tremendous reward to the fortunate fans that find it! 

Treat yourself to a thoroughly enjoyable experience in the pages of Apricot O’Toon #2 for $2.00 plus 2 First Class stamps! Just send ‘em to: 

Brian Buniak
PO Box 5863
Clark, NJ 07066

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/2mF373Q

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