Knock Off Wars

Knock Off Wars (digital version) is a 35-page, full color, fantasy action comic Written by Luke Toywalker with art by Łukasz Kowalczuk and cover art by Ralph Niese. Published by Underworld Muscle

A small scene of artists has evolved recreating limited resin, “art toy” figures and comics. The comics and figures are based around characters from the knock-off and bootleg action figures of the obscure MotU-KO hybrids that followed the success of the Masters of the Universe toy line. Knock Off Wars is one such comic! 

In this comic, after his home is laid to waste by evil forces, a hero goes on a journey to find a mystic castle which, according to an old legend, holds the key to save his world from total destruction! On his perilous journey, the hero is makes new friends who join him in battle against dreadful creatures and monsters. When the fellowship reaches the castle, destiny reveals itself, and nothing is what it seems! 

Knock Off Wars is full of violent action carried out by vibrantly colored monstrous characters all based on peculiar action figures! The story and art are both over the top and loaded with fierce fun! Get your MotU-KO groove on with Knock Off Wars at and watch the trailer at and find more from the creators of this comic at and

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