Konehedz #4

Konehedz #4 http://refractorindustries.com/ is a 32-page, standard size, part B&W/part color comic written and illustrated by Mark Velard.

Between issues one and two the Konehedz get transported through a trans-dimensional portal to issue four! In the future the two Konehedz find themselves running from weird creatures and taking turns with alien weapons and giant mechanical suits! They also encounter plenty of strange beings while exploring their new surroundings!

Since the first issue the Konehedez haven’t evolved much more. They’re both still learning how to express themselves and remember each other’s name! The art continues to be clean and polished. The color portion of the comic really pops and adds a whole new dynamic to Mark’s art. The story continues the strange adventure with unpredictable twists and turns around every page!

Continue the Konehedz adventure at http://refractorindustries.com/ and find more at https://www.facebook.com/refractorIND/ and https://twitter.com/RefraktorIND


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