Ghosts, Etc.

Ghosts, Etc. is an 88-page, full color collection of strips written and illustrated by George Wylesol. Published by Avery Hill Publishing

In this collection George Wylesol takes us through the empty and haunting tunnels under a hospital in Ghosts. There he fantasizes about alternate lives in other cities based on patients’ addresses. He also sees ghostly things out of the corners of his eyes, and gets lost walking the lonely tunnels! Next we follow a young boy in The Rabbit as he explores a forest and goes too far, angering the forest through his own negligence! Then in Worthless George presents us with commercialization and temptations that lead straight to heaven and hell! 

Each piece takes us into a new and uniquely designed environment that George has crafted to perfectly suit his original style of storytelling. Characters, backgrounds, and subject matter are all united in an inventive thread that stitches three otherworldly tales together in a tapestry of pure imagination! 

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