Tomb of Horror

Tomb of Horror 100-page, color with B&W pieces, horror anthology, written and illustrated by various creators. Published by Swamp Line Comics.
Bobby Harris brings us “A Song for Mongrels” in which a vagrant woman annoys residents in a housing area through her screams, but if they thought her screams were bad wait until they encounter what she was keeping away!

In “Beauty,” by Kim Roberts, Nathan Walkington, and Nikki Sherman, tells the tale of an ugly duckling looking for the same kind of attention her girlfriends attract finally gets a chance to have it all…but at what cost?!

Then in “Down to the Woods,” by Paul Bradford and Luciano Fleitas, some kids playing ball near the woods spot a cute a bear and decide to follow it into the shadows. Playtime is about to get un-bearable!

Next in “Hell-O-Ween,” by Julio Paz y Vadala and Cesar Eduardo, masked demons spice up Halloween with some harmful hijinks!

Then the question is asked “How You Will Die Tonight?” by Julio Paz Vadala, Ruyman, and Ayoze Nieves in which it’s all fun and frights when monsters gather for game night!
We next visit “Insanitarium,” by Chris Gates and Haraldo where a young man conceived, born, and brought up in a mental institution is sent out into the real world. His adjustment to life outside doesn’t go so well, so his takes matters into his own hands to prove where he really belongs!

In the story “Nightclaw,” by Marta Tanrikulu, Ferrar Sellares, Juri H. Chinchilla, and E.T. Dollman, a mysterious killer is targeting elderly women living alone, but who would harm the harmless?

Then we hit the pavement in “Road to Ruin,” by Frank Martin and Chris Winters where a stranded traveler finds help in the desert when a passing motorist in a very mysterious hotrod stops to offer a ride!

Next in “Shots Between Fangs,” by Angelo Dias, Dann Franco, Raq Rodrigues, and Raphael Andrade Biters, bullets, and blood fill the pages of this hard boiled horror tale!
Get out your auction paddles for “The Highest Bid,” Eric Gahagan, Halil Mete, and Nikki Sherman, in which a piece in a collector’s collection has a sinister will of its own and takes possession of its collector!

In “The Man Who Has Everything,” by Jack Wallace, David Newbold, Ivan Miranda, and Chris Allen, a late night surprise is all the office’s misfit with anger issues needs to find the perfect gift for a retiring boss he doesn’t like!

Next we’re off to “The Supermarket” with Marcello Bondi and Salvatore Coppola to take a look at the zombie apocalypse from a different perspective!

The munchies draws a motel guest to “The Vending Machine,” by Troy Vevasis, Kurt Belcher, Kim Roberts, and Nikki Sherman, and he gets more than bargained for!
An IT techie takes care of both a computer problem and a romantic rival all at once in “V1rus,” by Shawn Milazzo, Cem Iroz, and Nikki Sherman!

In Bryan Baugh’s “Diner Food” a couple of bad people running a diner that specializes in making people disappear meet Wulf and Batsy, a werewolf and vampire doing their part to make the world a safe place!

The Tomb of Horror offers up a great variety of artistic styles joined together by spooky stories! Some of the pieces are B&W while others are in color. All of the stories stay true to the horror theme of the comic and can be counted on deliver chills and unique twists!

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