Satanic Mojo Comix #5

Satanic Mojo Comix #5 is a 56-page, B&W, ADULTS ONLY satirical satanic anthology featuring 20 different artists/writers. 

This sizable, sin-filled, selection of satanic silliness is loaded with highly detailed drawings and pages and panels stuffed with comic content! Every crowded frame featuring flesh eating ghouls or naked women is a feast for the eyes! As the pages flip the reader goes back stage with a Black Metal Cat, learns the history of freaky fairies, witnesses some super-hero butt kicking, and even gets treated to some ninja turtle hand action! It’s a tongue-in-cheek take on sex, Satan, and necrophilia all wrapped up in that new comic smell!

The taboo subject matter and awesome art both continue the underground tradition which is a rarity in this day and age, but a real delight to find! And all this lowbrow lusciousness is brought to Satanic Mojo Comix #5 by the tainted talents of Jason Atomic, Rafel Delalande, Savage Pencil, Abby Buentello, Paul Boswell, Andrew Labanaris, Gunsho, Rachael Gafer, Billy Chainsaw, Mike Diana, Donnie Karma, Weird Beard, Paul Rentler, Dennis Franklin, Dominic Regan, Aidan Cook, James Unsworth, Krent Able, Matt Valentine, and Anna Piera Di Silvestre.

Feed your darker side Satanic Mojo Comix #5 at and find more at and

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