Alter-Life #2

Alter-Life #2 is a 40-page, full color fantasy comic created and written by Caleb Thusat with art and lettering by Katrina Kunstmann. Published by Village Comic Presents.

Every time Jake leaves home he dies. All he wants to do is find his wife and daughter, but no matter what alternate timeline he wakes up in, he can never seem to find them. To complicate things even more, someone or something is following Jake. Is this mysterious, faceless being a friend or foe? Does it want to help Jake or hurt him? And just how many times can one guy die before he runs out of lives?!

Caleb and Katrina combine talents to deliver a smartly crafted story that delves into the philosophical exploration of reality. Caleb’s writing cleverly spins this metaphysical tale that shifts from one reality to the next with many twists and unexpected turns! Katrina contributes a consistent rough, sketchy art style that gives Alter-Life its own unique look. Katrina’s art minimizes detail in favor of bolder images and uncluttered backgrounds that perfectly capture the action and mood of the story!

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