Toothville is a 32-page, full color, all-ages comic created by Kim Roberts and Chris Allen, written by Kim Roberts, drawn by Gabe Ostley, and colored and lettered by Chris Allen. Published by Swampline Productions.

Tilda Hillfairy is a fairy that just can’t seem to get anything right. While all the other fairies graduate from Tooth Academy and make their families proud, Tilda consistently does the wrong thing while trying to do well. Then, when a local dentist threatens to eradicate tooth decay and put all the tooth fairies out of business, Tilda sees her opportunity to redeem herself…but things never go as planned!

Toothville is a funny series that offers a new take on the Tooth Fairy! The story is full of surprising and humorous revelations about the lives of tooth fairies, and some of the darker aspects that surround where they come from. The characters are well developed, interesting and a bit silly in a good way! The art complements the story with whimsical renderings loaded with brightly colored action!

You can sink your teeth into Toothville #1 and support issue #2 at and find more at

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