The Repercussionists #1

The Repercussionists #1 is a 32-page, kaiju comic, written and illustrated by Eric Meyer and Matthew Anderson. Published by EMMA Studios.

Ever wonder who cleans up the mess after a giant monster destroys a city? The Repercussionists do! Yep, in this comic we get an up close look at the underappreciated folks that make up this very unique team and the workingman woes that go along with their peculiar profession. As the battle between Betaman (protector of the city) and his equally ginormous opponent comes to an end, The Repercussionists are on the scene to assess the damage and execute a clean-up plan! As their story unfolds the characters work and argue in the shadows of massive destruction while ordinary citizens and insurance adjusters patter back and forth about coverage and plans!

This comic is a fun read full of adult dialogue and entertaining characters. Eric and Matthew share the art chores as each pencils part of the comic and then inks the other’s pencils. This approach is neat and showcases two similar art styles but with some subtle differences. The primary difference being the amount of detail rendered during the inking. The writing is amusing and pokes fun at the absurdity of the kaiju genre. Telling the story of and through the characters dealing with the aftermath of these enormous battles is a truly original take on the genre!

You can grab a shovel and join The Repercussionists at and find more at

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