The Disgruntled Avenger #115 ‘Hamburgers’

The Disgruntled Avenger #115 ‘Hamburgers’ is an 18-page, standard size, B&W comic with full color cover written and illustrated by Shannon Gretzon. Published by Exspastic Comics.

In a strange world where anything can happen a secret Burger World health and safety meeting takes place deep underground. Meanwhile Bob needs a little free legal help for his mom, and a non-decomposing corpse continues to go unclaimed! Where can this madness lead?! How about a police shooting and hamburgers…to save the American way of life?!

Shannon’s storytelling hits you like a shotgun blast of absurdity that rips through the normalcy of life and peppers it with a healthy dose of the ridiculous! There’s no way to anticipate where things are going, because just when you think you’ve got it figured out, Shannon throws in a twist! Shannon’s art breaks the mold too. The simple lines, detailed hatching, and use of screens gives this comic a look all its own!

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