One Thing at a Time, Bud

One Thing at a Time, Bud is a 44-page, full-color, autobiographical diary comic written and illustrated by Kevin Budnik. Published by Birdcage Bottom Books.

This comic is dedicated to Michael Budnik, the father of writer/artist Kevin Budnik. In its pages Kevin shares a very personal story about his father’s cancer diagnosis and his family’s journey into a scary and uncertain future. Through the surgeries, treatments, humor, and further diagnoses Kevin comes to terms with his parents’ mortality and documents his feelings on paper. He explains he finds some therapeutic value in recording his feelings and sharing them with others, it provides him a way of accepting and dealing with a situation he has no control over.

Unlike many comics that indulge in frivolous storytelling, One Thing at a Time, Bud strikes a very somber tone from the introductory page and invites the reader to witness an intimate, private matter as it unfolds. The emotion, self-discovery, and love for family is conveyed in every word and image of this touching comic.

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