CLUSTERF@#K is a 160 page, full color graphic novel written by Jon Parrish, illustrated by Diego Toro, colored by Kote Carvajal, lettered by Nic J. Shaw, and published by Alterna Comics

Jim Parker and Karl Latimer are having a bad day. Their investigation into missing homeless people takes a turn for the worst when they find themselves caught in a trap by a guy with mystical powers and a Goat Man sidekick! But not all is lost as Jim and Karl have a few tricks up their sleeves, least of which is a big blue demon! As events unfold Jim and Karl encounter wizards, werewolves, vampires, and old enemies from their former employer, the Department of Extraterrestrial and Paranormal Defense!

CLUSTERF@#K is an action packed, fun comic written for an adult audience. The dialogue between the characters is witty and uncensored. I find that really refreshing. When you’re being attacked by demons and werewolves I don’t imagine you’d say something like “Rats, it’s clobbering time.” I think a little profanity would be applicable and Jon shows he knows how to weave a sense of reality and humor into an action-horror-humor tale. The humor also keeps things from getting too dark. The character Jim is expertly developed to be a smartass that can be counted on for a little levity when things look their worst.

The artwork is perfectly suited to Jon’s storytelling. The humor easily comes across through the somewhat cartoony illustrations. The line work, coloring, and lettering all complement each other as well as the story being told itself. Characters are consistently drawn, backgrounds are well thought out and detailed, and the handling of light, color palettes, font types, and word balloon placement are all applied with aesthetically pleasing skill!

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