That Comic Smell No. 2


That Comic Smell No. 2 is a 44-page, standard size, color/black and white, anthology comic with contributions from David Robertson, Mike Sedakat, Fernando Pons, Tom Stewart, O. Hicks, Alan Henderson, and with cover by Mike Sedakat. Published by TCS Press.

In this issue of That Comic Smell Jeff Lynne (of Electric Light Orchestra fame) attempts to explain the movie Xanadu! Later a young girl named Lisa is the unlikely recipient of Loki, the God of Fire’s, helping hand. Then float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, abracadabra it’s Muhammad a Magician! In another story we get to eavesdrop on the thoughts of a chair…uh, yeah…the thoughts of a chair! We also get to ponder about seeing color! Me thinks some herb may have been consumed during the making of this comic! Okay, so moving along, we hitch a ride with The Owl and Pussy Cat in Space, and take a bad bus ride. But before we reach the end of this hefty comic we’re treated to Waiting for good things, and get a personal look at the life of Kobe Bryant, before that we get knocked out by a very clever One Liner; and even get guidance from an Advice Column/Comic!

Lots of fun stuff in That Comic Smell No. 2 with all sorts of art and writing styles. A true anthology of creative comic storytelling awaits in the pages of this comic!

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