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The Chair #2

The Chair #2 is a 44-page, B&W, crime/horror, mature readers, full size comic written, inked, and lettered by Peter Simeti, with pencils by Kevin Christensen, and edited by Erin Kohut. Cover by Peter Simeti and Kevin Christensen. Published by Alterna Comics.

Deep in the bowels of a prison the inmates on death row aren’t the only perverse criminals lurking in the shadows. Here a sadistic warden oversees a guard force that is all too eager to use excessive force when dealing with the prisoners. Here the condemned look forward to their execution as it offers the only escape from the daily torment they are subject to! In this issue of The Chair one inmate ponders his fate as the warden and guards inflict their cruelty on other inmates, ensuring their pleas for mercy and screams of agony fill the dark corridors of the prison!

Peter and Kevin deliver a bleak, unsettling story filled with anxious tension and depravity. The story begins in a dark place …

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