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Unit 44

Unit 44 is a 100+page, Sci-Fi, action/humor graphic novel with story and letters by Wes Locher and illustrations and colors by Eduardo Jiménez. Published by Alterna Comics.

In this 100+page comedic tale a couple of inept agents working for a secret organization forget to pay rent on a storage unit that houses alien technology. Soon competing forces race to grab the tech for their own nefarious purposes while the agents attempt to redeem themselves by getting to it first! What follows is a humor filled, action packed, race to stop an alien invasion! Rednecks, scientists, secret agents, and little blue men all converge in this funny comic, and we finally learn what really happened at Roswell, NM!

The writing in this comic is full of tongue-in-cheek references and subtle one liners that build on the characters’ personalities and complement the absurdity of the various situations the characters find themselves in. Between the jokes and gags is a solid, funny story tha…

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