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Metroland #4

Metroland #4
52 pages by Ricky Miller and Julia Scheele
Launching March 2018
from Avery Hill Publishing

Pop stars are dying, the world is coming to an end and everything
seems to lead back to a forgotten seventies musician called David Bowie…
Yes, it’s the double-sized final issue of the first arc of Metroland!
Ricky Miller and Julia Scheele’s twisting tale of music, friendship
and a sadness that you just can’t explain.

As the rest of the band start to contemplate a future without Jessica Hill
and Ricky Stardust, Kevin the Roadie continues his investigations into the
mysterious record label that controls the world’s greatest musicians; bringing him into contact with the man who may hold the solution to the whole mystery.
Meanwhile, we go to work with Diana, Stardust’s struggles with his memory
come to a head and we finally enter the place between worlds known only as
Metroland… All this plus the secret origin of Jessica Hill!

It’ll be worth the wait, we promise.

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