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Amazing Age #4 of 5

Amazing Age #4 of 5 is a 28-page, full color, all-ages, superhero action, comic written by Matthew D. Smith, with art by Jeremy Massie, and colors by Christine Brunson. Published by Alterna Comics.

The kids find themselves in a tight spot when most of the members of S.A.V.E. are called away to respond to an emergency! With only two seasoned heroes to protect them, can the interdimensional traveling kids remain safe from a group of super villains that want to kill them and take control of their interdimensional jumping machine?! Treachery and traps await in the pages of Amazing Age #4!

The writing continues the dynamic action from previous issues as the villainous plot is revealed and the unlikely group of teenage heroes are forced to act. The characters are fleshed out more and more as the story progresses, building tension between friends and foes alike while scratching away at the façades to reveal what truly motivates each. The art continues to nicely blend rea…

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