Jan 18, 2017

Comics, Zines, and Other Oddities!

Freelancers #1 http://bit.ly/2aDb2Ii is a 30-page, standard size, full color, superhero comic created by Roger Bonet with art by Ivan Arnal, colors by Rafa Barragan, and lettering by Henar Casal. Published by WP Comics Ltd. In Giant City super heroics has become a money making spectacle for eager fans tuned in to watch over the top battles, and one man has assembled a team to keep the masses entertained! Get ready for the Freelancers! A group of super powered beings ready and willing to go toe-to-toe in front of the cameras with any menace threatening the city! But these super dupers aren’t exactly what they seem, as a new member learns as his eyes are opened to the truth behind the Freelancers! This is a great new take on the superhero story, and it fits perfectly in this day and age of celebrity worship and media overload. It has greed, fame, violence, and fully developed characters with layered personalities. It unapologetically depicts what the real world would be like if superpowers were an added ingredient in a capitalist political system! Explore what living in a world of superheroes would be like with the Freelancers at http://bit.ly/2aDb2Ii
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Jan 17, 2017

Make Mine INDIE #3: Winter 2016

Make Mine INDIE #3: Winter 2016 http://bit.ly/2j4eey6 is a 138-page, full color, comics magazine featuring various creators & publishers. Published by Alterna Comics

The Winter 2016 issue is loaded with news, previews, reviews, interviews, and the latest and greatest that the indie comics community has to offer. Highlighting comic creators and their creations, Make Mine INDIE is the easiest way to discover your next favorite indie comic book! 

This issue features 01Publishing, 215 Ink, Alterna Comics, Astria Legends, Brian Perry, Chupa Comics, Cloud 9 Comix, Comic Crusaders, Completely Different Comics, Dandy Press, Inhale Films, Iron Gate Comics, Karl Slominski, Michael David Nelsen, The Monkeyhouse, Osa Studios, Pod Comics, Siafu Comix, Tin Sky Studios, Wannabe Press, Whiting Studios, and Will Lil Comics. And you can get it FREE at http://bit.ly/2j4eey6

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Jan 16, 2017

Dodo Comics #3: Abstract Comics

Dodo Comics #3: Abstract Comics http://bit.ly/2jPWd6E is a 16-page, B&W, silent, digest size Art comic illustrated by Grant Thomas. 

This is a collection of panels filled with various ink strokes of differing weights, shapes, and consistency. Each page appears to be a study in different rendering techniques and composition, and groups of pages are labeled as either sonnets or poems. Dodo Comics #3 is a neat visual experiment with an artsy vibe! You can find Dodo Comics #3 with some sample pages at http://bit.ly/2jnWNw5

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