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The Fuzzy Princess #10 and Ask a Cat Digest #5

Two for Tuesday from Charles Brubaker…The Fuzzy Princess #10 and Ask a Cat Digest #5! Ask a Cat is a 12-page, B&W, digest size, all ages comic, and The Fuzzy Princess is a 36-page, B&W with full color covers, standard size, all ages comic. Both are written and illustrated by Charles Brubaker and published by Smallbug Press.
First, in Ask a Cat #5 readers get to ask Cat about New Year’s resolutions, getting rid of memories, why cats rub against people, and thoughts on raccoons among other things! Next in The Fuzzy Princess #10 Kat’s mom, the Fuzzy Queen, makes an entrance! But can one human’s house contain so much fuzziness?! Meanwhile a sneaky rat and a bloated whale plot to steal Kat’s magical tail!
As always in both Ask a Cat and The Fuzzy Princess Charles comes up with a series of outlandish situations to throw his fuzzy characters into, resulting in a fun read with funny art fit for all!
You can enjoy Fuzzy Princess yourself at and Ask a Cat …

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