Feb 25, 2017

Copy This! #36, Jim Ryan Tribute

Copy This! #36, Jim Ryan Tribute 
D. Blake Werts, 12339 Chesley Drive, Charlotte NC 28277 

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ALTER-LIFE Issue 2 on March 1st

ALTER-LIFE Issue 2 on March 1st 

What if death is not the end, but merely the beginning of infinite possibilities? Caught in a world of alternate timelines, Jake is on a quest to find his lost family and the truth behind his immortality. 

Alter-Life LIVES! Issue #2 is coming to Kickstarter for 30 days beginning March 1st, 2017. RALLY THE TROOPS! DAY ONE Backers of $10 or more will receive an exclusive Variant Pinup Print and have access to Select Discounted Reward Tiers. Rewards include a digital bundle for just $7!, a Variant Cover by Ramon Gil, and the “Complete Alter-Life Experience” which gets you credit as a producer and a sneak peak at Issue #3. PLEASE BACK EARLY! You will not be charged until the campaign is complete, and only if we hit our goal. 


This is a tale of love and redemption. An everyman learning to live with his regrets and confront the demons of his past. Jake is lost in his infinite lives, searching his dead wife and daughter, and for the meaning behind all of his existences. 

In Issue 2, Jake starts to test the limits of his infinite existences and begins to remember more of what happened after the accident. Mysterious forces are at work, and something lurks in the shadows with all the answers he seeks. 


After a bold attempt to fund our series as a full, 200-page Graphic Novel, we have returned with a scaled back, Issue by Issue plan to get our comic created and into readers hands! Issue 1 is already complete and available in many formats, including on ComiXology. Now we are back, and bringing you the Second Chapter! 

Alter-Life is only 5 issues, and we intend on bringing them to readers BACK-TO-BACK. Funding will be used to pay for art, printing, and shipping. Any additional funds will go directly into Issue 3. So, the more we can raise this time, the less we need for the next one. 

Come join the Alter-Life journey on MARCH 1st!! 

Kickstarter Link: http://bit.ly/2lGLCgL 
Village Comics: http://bit.ly/2gkF32X 
Twitter: @alterlifecomic 

Issue #1 is Available on ComiXology at: http://bit.ly/2igRXko

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Feb 24, 2017

I Want YOU in U.S. Prison

I Want YOU in U.S. Prison http://bit.ly/2kWfyXY is a 20-page, digest size, B&W political activist comic written and illustrated by Kjartan Arnorsson. 

After a close encounter with a highway cop, Al accepts Karno’s offer to join him for a cold one. While the two enjoy some liquid delight Karno gives Al and earful about the prison industrial complex. Karno explains how the incarceration rate has steadily gone up while crime has gone down and how corporations are benefiting from this new form of slave labor. Karno goes on to enlighten Al on the numerous types of minor infractions that will now land a citizen in the big house in this land of the free! At the end of the comic there are references for continued reading on the subject and a one-page cartoon about an actual case that landed a guy in prison for ten years. 

Kjartan’s storytelling, art, and depth of knowledge on the subject are all equally impressive. The dark and alarming reality of I Want YOU in U.S. Prison is only palatable because of Kjartan’s outstanding ability to tell a story this bleak while maintain a sense of resolve to fight back. And his chops as an artist help a lot too! 

Stay free with the help of I Want YOU in U.S. Prison at http://bit.ly/2kWfyXY

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Feb 23, 2017

Crystal’s Odyssey

Crystal’s Odyssey http://www.wpcomicsltd.com is a 36-page, standard size, full color, comic written by Jordan King with art by Patrick Buermeyer and edited by Kim Roberts. Published by WP Comics Ltd.

Crystal, a young woman mourning for her lost love, encounters an unbelievable surprise while working in a coroner’s office; a dead ringer for her dearly departed darling! Shocked to behold her bluing betrothed, Crystal’s fragile mind decides it would be a good idea to take her work home with her…and that’s when things start to go south! While elsewhere a young girl named May is spurred on by voices to see what the insides of her parents look like!

This is a psychological thriller that will keep you guessing. Is Crystal emotionally unstable and falling down a well of her own despair, or is she slowly losing her grip on sanity?! And what connection, if any, is there to May, the little parricidal princess?! This well written and nicely illustrated story sets in motion a series of events that will forever change both of their lives!

Join Crystal, May, and the rest of the passengers on this crazy train at http://www.wpcomicsltd.com 

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Feb 22, 2017

Kaiju Epic!

Kaiju Epic! Releases Monsters New And Old, Real and Epic http://bigdogink.com/ https://www.facebook.com/bigdogcomics/

KAIJU EPIC! is the newest title from publisher Big Dog Ink, and a pet project for lead writer, Tom Hutchison. Kaiju Epic! is grounded in the campy, fun-loving genre of the giant monster, such as Godzilla or Gamera, but this particular story also adds a bit of “real” kaiju to the mix, as well as legends of the end of days from around the world. Readers will find monsters they may have heard of, like the Kraken or even Quetzalcoatl, roaming the pages of Kaiju Epic!, but there will also be all-new monsters created just for this series.
Kaiju Epic! will be a 5 volume series each with two separate stories. These stories will take place on opposite ends of the globe and give a real feeling of the end of the world, rather than the destruction of a specific city. Tom is joined by co-writer Kari Castor. Kari is known to BDI fans as one of the writers of the hit mini-series, Shahrazad.

Kaiju Epic! is no standard comic book, either! This is a huge 48 page monster sized comic book!

Tom’s story takes place in both China and the South America, specifically the Gulf of Mexico, where Bermeja Island has reappeared in the Gulf after being lost for decades. In China, a dragon headed tower has been unearthed, and it carries with it a strange connection to Bermeja and the rock concert that is planned to take place there.
Kari’s story takes place in London, England and follows a group of friends who have a tendency to dabble in eco-politics and animal protection. But this group is forced to re-evaluate their stance when something from legends of old appears and begins to shake London to the ground!

The overarching story is based on the Hopi Indian’s stories of the cycles of man and the Purifier. These stories will blend with other cultures “end of days” myths and allow us to see mankind as a whole struggling with the kaiju destruction of the planet. Kaiju Epic! will also mix genre tropes along the way by taking giant monsters, ancient gods and rock & roll and tossing them into the story blender to create something that is unique, relatable and fun.
The Kickstarter campaign will launch February 18th, during the AZ Eventure Con in Phoenix Arizona. Exclusive covers will be available in limited editions, as well as digital editions and art prints.

Writers: Tom Hutchison
Artists: Renato Rei and CB Zane
Cover Artists: Renato Rei, CB Zane, Rob Duenas, Samantha Sawyer and Matt Frank.
Colors: Ceci de la Cruz
Letters: HDE
Logo: Kel Nuttall

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Dartgirl http://bit.ly/2gnqQj5 is a mini and digest size, B&W and color, super hero adventure comic series written and illustrated by Floyd Lewis. 

In this series the title character, Dartgirl, pilots a Jetdart, sails in a Subcarrier Dart, and wears a Flashlight Laser Ring! She uses these nifty gadgets and others to battle bad guys, fight aliens, and protect civilians! While not performing heroics Dartgirl likes to get away from it all and relax in remote areas where she can disrobe and enjoy a little sun and surf! You can battle crime alongside Dartgirl at http://bit.ly/2gnqQj5

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Feb 21, 2017

SinEater #1

SinEater #1 http://buff.ly/2kz87BT is a 28-page, standard size, horror/adventure, B&W comic written by Jojo King, illustrated by Chase Dunham, and logo by Ken Reynolds. Published by Insane Comics

A young girl named Cassandra has the distinction of being her village’s resident sin eater! She is called upon when a local appears to be afflicted and in need of having the evil inside of them extracted. In this issue that’s exactly what Cassandra does, but after doing her duty she finds herself shunned by her fellow villagers and struggling to keep down the evil she has eaten! In the dark streets the one friend she can turn to is the old vagrant Nik. Like Cassandra he too is an outcast and regulated to living on the periphery of a society dominated by religious hypocrisy. After an unfortunate and demonically fueled event both Cassandra and Nik find themselves on the run! 

The story is interesting and unique! The characters are fully developed and clearly occupy their individual identities throughout the tale. The art is clean, simplified, and angular with a lot of chiaroscuro applied to great effect and creating a real sense of drama! 

You can gobble up SinEater #1 at http://buff.ly/2kz87BT and find more from Insane Comics at http://bit.ly/2lqkBh7

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