Dec 8, 2016

The World Hates Jimmy #1

The World Hates Jimmy #1 is a 28-page, full color comic written and penciled by D.C. Johnson, ink and colors by Chris Allen, and special panels and cover colors by Dustin Evans. Published by WP Comics

In this brightly colored comic the pages are filled with whimsical characters engaged in outlandish situations! At the center of it all is Jimmy, a 10-year old boy with girl troubles. One girl likes him and wants to be his girlfriend and another wants to marry him and enslave him in her dungeon! What’s a boy to do?! Find out between the cartoon gags in the pages of The World Hates Jimmy at

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Dec 7, 2016

Chronicles of Terror #4 (Santa’s Twisted Tales)

Chronicles of Terror #4 (Santa’s Twisted Tales) is an 80-page, full color, Christmas horror anthology featuring various writers and artists. Published by WP Comics.

In this holiday themed collection of creepy comics we’re treated to a bunch of scary stories by a bunch of talented folks! Here’s a brief overview:

In “Snowvenge” (Kim Roberts and Haraldo) the honor among thieves doesn’t run too deep as one bank robber learns following a successful heist. Unfortunately for the other bank robber vengeance does run deep…and it comes in the terrifying visage of a blood soaked snowman!

Ever heard of the Anti-Santa? Well in a place known as “The Never” (Eric Gahagan, Pietro Vaughan, & Nikki Sherman) you can meet him, but be warned – he’s not the “giving” type!

Some of Santa’s problems never cross our minds. For instance did you know Santa really has his hands full trying to keep his reindeer from misbehaving? In “Reindeer Oh Deer – Oh Dear” (Paul Bradford and Allen Byrns) Santa’s beasts of burden not only put him behind schedule, but also help him deliver a frightful surprise!

“A Christmas Carol” (Gabe Ostley and Chris Allen) gets an updated makeover with the approval of Chucky “li’l” Dickens as Death and Scrooge McCluck take a little trip to hell and battle it out with Satan, Cthulhu, and other demons!

Good children get rewarded and bad children, well bad children meet “The Ancestors” (Hunter Eden, MC Carper, Chris Allen, and James Johnson) in this tale about beastly traditions from the old country!

In “The Book of Eden Z” (Christopher Greulich and Daniel Kuntz) even the ghosts of an old abandoned house look forward to a Christmas treat!

An unscrupulous toy maker decides stealing is the best way to gain the upper hand on his competitors in “Bad Santa” (Kim Roberts, Chris Allen, & Braden Hallett), but he gets more than he bargained for!

One unsuspecting family gets a lot more than the Christmas Spirit and scent of pine from their freshly cut tree in “Unwanted Gifts” (James Johnson)!

A neglected little girl living with her mom and stepdad gets a surprise visit on “Christmas Eve” (Jo Jo King, Alister Lee, & Nikki Sherman) that’ll change her life!

Then we get to meet the “Creator of the Month” in an interview featuring Jack Wallace of Disposable Fiction Comics, and get a preview of their upcoming comic “The 512th Day of Christmas!”

This anthology is filled with entertainingly eerie tales! Each taking the theme to new heights and in directions you’re not likely to find anywhere else! That alone make this a fun read, but the art really seals the deal for me. The different creative teams work great together! The artists’ interpretations bring these stories to life! A few panels just jump out with such strong images they’re hard to forget! If you like your yuletide a little on the darker side, get Chronicles of Terror #4 (Santa’s Twisted Tales) at and find more at and

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Dec 6, 2016

The Adventures of Little Petalianne

Two for Tuesday…The Adventures of Little Petalianne and Volume one is 28-pages & the second book, Oojuboogoo, is 43-pages. Both books are full color, children’s story written by Luanga “Lue” Nuwame, illustrated by Dan Hammond, and with colors by Mary Jane Works. Published by Zelpha Comics

This is a continuing, bi-monthly children’s series involving five Petal Girls that work together, each using their unique ability to keep the Magniflora Gully beautiful, peaceful, and safe under the watchful eye of Queen Azura. Assisting the queen are three Tree Boys, also with exceptional abilities of their own. In the first book we’re introduced to the characters and learn a little about each of their abilities. In the second book two of the Petal Girls are sent on a mission to collect something special for Queen Azura, but another warns them of the dangers that may lurk in the shadows! 

The writing in The Adventures of Little Petalianne is lighthearted and fun with a little mystery and suspense thrown in to keep the reader’s anticipation piqued. The art in both books is whimsical and brightly colored, and perfectly complements the story! You can find the first book at and the second at and you can find more at and

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Dec 5, 2016

Scrambled Circuits #2

For Mini-Comic Monday it’s…Scrambled Circuits #2 is a 32-page, B&W, digest sized mini-comic anthology written and illustrated by Cameron Callahan. Published by Animal Cracker Death Parade

This is a series of 10 or so different stories about things like bullying, paranoia, and plunging your brain out with a Q-Tip! Throughout the comic a robot named Primus is the main character in the stories. He is accompanied by other robots and lizard creatures as the author tells autobiographical stories through them. 

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Dec 2, 2016


Eagleburger is a 129-page, B&W comic written by Rudy Dean and Jef Stout, and illustrated by Gabe Ostley. Published by WP Comics

Dale Eagleburger was a bright, successful young man. He was a good boy and made his parents proud. When opportunity knocked Dale Eagleburger answered the door enthusiastically and found himself knee deep in government bureaucracies, conspiracies, aliens, demons, Elvis, JFK, and even the electric chair! Shadow governments, secret societies, and worm holes created by actual worms all await the adventurous in Eagleburger! 

I really dig the cartoony style used to illustrate this comic. The exaggerated and rubbery looking characters combined with the simplified backgrounds and solid colors gives the story an appealingly absurd quality that works great! The writing maintains a fixed focus through numerous twists and turns that take this story just about everywhere it could possibly go! Rather than just plunging into nonsense for nonsense sake, there’s a thought out story here that’s well written and somehow manages to pull together a bunch of disparate elements to form one wacky and fun comic! 

You can find the truth for yourself in the pages of Eagleburger at

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Dec 1, 2016


Berserkotron is a 70-page, digest size, perfect bound, B&W (with some color pieces) comic written and illustrated by David Robertson. Published by Fred Egg Comics

Three friends find themselves at the end of childhood and transitioning into adulthood. Two are finishing their last year of school while the other has already left school and taken a part-time job. As the central character, Bert, ponders what he’ll do following school, his friend Ronnie has built a robot, the Berserkotron, and, with Bert’s help, prepares to enter it in a “Robot Wars” completion! Throughout the story Bert, Ronnie, and their other friend Melvyn interact with “Robot Wars’ competitors, school mates, and parents. 

Berserkotron is a great coming of age comic! David keeps the art simple with minimal details and sparse backgrounds. He effectively builds the story through strong but subtle character development. The lives led by the characters, their hopes, disappointments, and future concerns are all believable and told in a relatable fashion that pulls the reader in and keeps them engaged in the story! 

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Nov 30, 2016


Inheritance is a 42-page, B&W, standard size comic written by James D. Schumacher III and illustrated by James Burton. Published by WP Comics

A family is haunted by a curse placed on them by a great-grandfather. Some years later the youngest child of the family has inherited “the two sights,” an ability to see between the here and now and what lays ahead! But is this curse and its Inheritance just the mad ramblings of an ill person with a fragile mind, or is it real?! 

The writing here does a great job of taking the reader back and forth between the past and present as it explains the family’s unfortunate history. The characters are well developed and easily distinguished by their motivations. The art nicely captures an atmosphere of fear and dread. Just about each page is loaded with heavy shadows, grey tones, and an ample amount of rain. All characters are given individual appearances and their likenesses are maintained throughout the comic. 

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