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Paper Rock Scissors n’ Stuff Wars #1

Paper Rock Scissors n’ Stuff Wars #1 is a 20-page, Black and White, 4-issue limited series, fantasy comic created, written, and lettered by Luanga A. Nuwame, with art and front cover by Hugh Rookwood. Published by Zelpha Comics

This is a re-issue of the first comic in this series with all new art by Hugh Rookwood!

The Paper Prince recounts the horrific awakening to another species of sentient beings on his planet…Scissors! The metallic giants didn’t just announce their presence, they cut through the citizens of Flatopia in a mindless frenzy! Following the violent encounter Paper decides to explore their greater surrounds and find even more previously unknown creatures in the forms of Plastics and Rocks! Suddenly the world has become a much smaller and more dangerous place, and all of the kingdoms now prepare for war! Who will prevail when Paper, Rock, and Scissors meet for battle, and how will Plastics factor into this elemental …

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