Aug 24, 2016

Nanaba’s Summer

Nanaba’s Summer is a 12-page, digest size, B&W comic by Tatum Bowie.

Tatum created Nanaba’s Summer for Mini Comic Day. In her own words “it is a story about a young Navajo girl who travels to the reservation with her little sister to visit their grandmother.” In the pages the young girl speaks English to her grandmother and her grandmother speaks Navajo back to her (Tatum has included a translation page at the end of the story to help those that need it…and yeah, I needed it). The young girl wakes with a sore throat and doesn’t understand why her grandmother doesn’t act more consoling toward her, but the grandmother has her reasons.

I enjoyed the mix of languages and appreciated the translation being included. Having the grandmother speak Navajo makes the character more authentic and also adds to the personal feel of the story. The art is mostly simple lines with varying weights and hatching to indicate shade and form. The outside scenes are filled with more detail and capture the beauty of the southwest!

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Aug 23, 2016

Demonic Advisory Centre #1

Demonic Advisory Centre #1 is a 26-page (digital version) standard size, full color comic written by Stu Perrins with art by Diana Marques. Published by WP Comics, Ltd.

In the not so distant future the fabric of space splits open on earth releasing the inhabitants of hell and setting off the Flesh Wars! From this cataclysmic event one man emerges as a hero and establishes a team to save the world…then fails. Sometime later the family funding the team wants answers and changes. What follows is an introduction to the members making up the Demonic Advisory Centre: a monkey boy; a time traveler; and a drunkard thief!

This is an introduction to the series, so most of the writing is devoted to establishing the setting and character backgrounds. The overall plot is explained and provides enough detail to stir the curiosity, but not too much to give away what’s in store for the Demonic Advisory Centre. The art is made up of simple line work with varying weights and digital painting relying on contrasting colors to provide form and depth. The combination works well and gives the comic a unique look that’s effective. Plenty of potential here for this story to go wherever the writer and artist team want to take their demon fighting team as this tale unfolds!

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Aug 22, 2016


For Mini-Comic Monday it’s…Embryo a 28-page, square, B&W mini-comic with a cut cardstock cover written and illustrated by Reset Survivor.

Here’s a mini-comic for all you cryptographers out there! The story is pretty straight forward, a bunch of roach looking bugs are hanging out and one is busy tagging a wall with a symbol. Soon the group decides to fly off, but the tagger stays behind. He hears something calling out and investigates. He also wears some sort of video communication device on one leg (arm?). When the tagger finally gets to the source of the sound he wonders what it is he is looking at…and you will too unless you can decipher the code provided in the comic!

I really dig comics that make you think, or at least require you to study the detail to fully get what’s going on, and Embryo is that kind of comic. All of the dialogue between the bugs is written in a series of symbols, and you can only make sense of it if you decode it! Brilliantly done! And the artwork is clean and nicely rendered too! See if you can figure out the mystery of Reset Survivor’s Embryo at

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Aug 21, 2016

The Adventures of Tad Martin

Just received The Adventures of Tad Martin by Casanova Frankenstein!

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Aug 20, 2016

Nocaz 2016

Registration for Nocaz 2016 is open! You can apply to become an exhibitor at 

A few quick details: Registration closes October 15th. NOCAZ FEST provides free tables to all Louisiana, Mississippi, & Alabama residents. Table Fees for accepted out of town zinesters are on a $10 - $30 sliding scale, please pay what you can. We hope to be providing some scholarships to a few traveling artists again this year. If Table fees/ travel costs are prohibitive for you, please check the box on the registration form and we will get back to you. *NOCAZ 2016 poster by M. Chandelier! still lots o time to sign-up, come chill.

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the Final Mad Parasite

It’s the Final Mad Parasite from Ryan “Waldo” Homsley & Billy McKay! 

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It's H. P. Lovecraft’s birthday!

Today, Aug 20th is H. P. Lovecraft’s birthday!

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